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MTa Experience Workshops

An interactive and energetic introduction to MTa’s experiential learning tools.

Join us to learn how you can use MTa’s experiential learning tools to transform your training. Our workshops are examples of experiential learning in action. They are a dynamic mixture of activities, thinking and discussions with minimal theoretical input. Gain hands on experience using MTa’s training materials, and to discuss and develop your ideas with us and other L&D professionals.


See what you could do with MTa’s experiential learning tools


Experience MTa materials being used by the experts


Get hands on with MTa’s activities

Master MTa’s experiential learning tools

MTa Experience Workshop. 1 day. £95

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Typical Workshop

Our timetable varies from workshop to workshop, but this gives you an idea of a typical day


Meeting, Greeting and Networking

Relax and get to know other participants over a cup of tea or coffee and a pastry

The Power of Experiential Learning

How can MTa’s Experiential Learning tools be used to generate powerful learning for individuals and teams? We start with a problem solving activity using MTa Insights and follow by demonstrating a simple review method that you will be able to use to develop personal understanding and start changing behaviours.

Changing Behaviours

A second, more challenging, activity gives you an opportunity to implement your learning and start improving your performance –experiential learning in action! How can you ensure participants take personal responsibility for their own learning and set their own learning objectives?

Developing Individuals and Teams

You’ll take part in a longer MTa activity from one of; the MTa Team KIT; MTa Insights; and the MTa Mini, where you’ll explore and develop an appreciation of the wide range of learning opportunities that you could generate using the tools.

The MTa® Process: A methodology for Experiential Learning

We'll take you through our unique experiential learning methodology and explain it step by step... You’ll be able to use this methodology to deliver and review many different types of experiential learning activities.

Questions and Answers

An opportunity to ask any specific questions and get answers from MTa and other course participants.


Enjoy a delicious lunch with likeminded professionals, ask any more questions and discuss your learning needs in more detail.

1:1 Discussions

The workshop formally closes at lunch, but we are always available for 1:1 discussions and are happy to show you any tools or techniques not covered in the morning session.

If you'd like more information before booking one of our Workshops please do call or e-mail.

  • You’ll experience MTa materials being used by the experts
  • You’ll see how you can deliver effective experiential learning in areas such as team skills and leadership.
  • You’ll learn how to make the most of your existing MTa materials.
  • You’ll meet like minded professionals who use, or are thinking of using MTa’s tools. You’ll have an opportunity to discuss ideas and share your experiences.
  • You’ll be able to "try before you buy" and find out if MTa materials are suitable for you and your organisation.

Anyone who wants to understand how they can use MTa materials to transform their training. We usually attract a healthy mix of L&D professionals, consultants, teachers and lecturers. You might be thinking about purchasing the materials or want to discover how to make the most of your kits.

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MTa Experience Workshop

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