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MTa have over 30 years worldwide experience of designing, supplying and facilitating innovative experiential learning activities, training resources and people development programmes.

All too often in experiential programmes the task becomes the focus of the training, not the learning or its implementation. At MTa our aim is to improve performance through learning, so we provide facilitators, trainers and teachers the information and tools they need to work through an experiential learning process of: activity > learning > implementation > learning > implementation.

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Our training and development packages are unique. All of our 100+ ‘off the shelf activities’ have been designed, developed and tested here at MTa. We provide comprehensive manuals containing; facilitator guides, briefs, participants’ worksheets (e and hard copy). Everything including all of the components is reusable so there are no additional costs!

Furthermore, we provide continued support to our clients in the form of telephone support, Workshops and Masterclasses. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with you!

You will be interested in our products if you are a teacher, lecturer, the military, a corporate facilitator, trainer or OD consultant.

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MTa Academy runs ‘hands on,’ interactive Workshops and Masterclasses throughout the year to help you get the most out of our training materials.

We also provide consultancy to design bespoke experiential learning activities and programmes. So if you have a specific training challenge you would like to discuss, please call us and we can help you design a bespoke programme for your specific learning and business outcomes.

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