Experiential Learning Activities that Engage Minds and Stimulate Learning

MTa's 'out of the box' experiential activities and facilitators' guides enable you to build teams, develop leaders, improve communication, facilitate change and much more. These unique activities:-

  • Involve and energise participants
  • Focus on issues that relate to participants' and organisations' needs
  • Develop understanding and skills
  • Generate commitment to improve performance

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Leadership activities to understand and identify different leadership styles, develop the art of delegation, motivate followers and improve performance

RAF Facilitators using MTa Insights activities to develop their leaders

> Leadership Activities

Team Building

Challenge your teams to identify what's helping and hindering performance. Team building activities, but with meaningful learning outcomes

Over the Bridge experiential learning activity used to develop core team skills

> Team Building Activities

Teamwork Skills

Activities that enable participants to reflect upon, understand and practice the interpersonal skills that enable effective team performance in the workplace

Activities to develop and improve team work

> Teamwork Skills Activities


Engaging communication activities to develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills. They start simply but the toughest will test your star performers

communication and business orientated team exercises

> Communication Activities


Customer Service

Play the customer in these activities while your participants do their best to meet your complex and potentially ambiguous requirements.  Customer focus is the key to success

Teambuilding and customer care  activity

> Customer Service Activities

Project Management

Tight timescales, too many deliverables and unexpected changes. Success depends on mastering the attitudes, skills and behaviours that enable team success

The Rig - Experiential Project Management Exercise

> Project Management Activities

Problem Solving

Problem identification and definition, planning, experimentation and effective execution are all required. Develop the skills required to do it in a team

MTa Insights problem solving activities

> Problem Solving Activities

Lean Processing

Help participants discover and buy into lean concepts through fun, engaging and competitive activity. Topics include CI, balancing workloads and flow

KanDo Lean - Introduction to lean principles

> Lean Processing Activities


Facilitator Workshops

Upcoming dates for our facilitator workshops

To find out more about MTa materials and how they can be used attend our facilitator workshop 'Making the Most of MTa materials'.

25th February, Birmingham, UK

26th February, London Heathrow, UK

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MTa Masterclass

Become MTa certified at one of our train the trainer masterclass

Over two days MTa will help you understand how you can unleash the power of experiential learning. The workshop will be hands-on and interactive with a focus on thought provoking discussion and activity.

9th - 10th June, London, UK

13-14th Sept, Dubai, UAE

29th-30th Sept, London, UK

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Free Team Activity

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This simple but powerful team development activity helps individuals understand how their personal behaviour affects others and how they can improve the performance of a team.

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About MTa Learning

We are the global leaders:

Established in 1982 MTa have over 30 years worldwide experience of designing, supplying and facilitating innovative experiential learning activities, training resources and people development programmes.

Our training and development packages are unique. All of our 100+ 'off the shelf activities' have all been designed, developed and tested here at MTa and most are based on our own patented components.

If customers' needs aren't met by existing activities we are happy to work with them, using our expertise to providing exactly what they want: new activities, facilitating team and people development programmes and developing their facilitators.

We firmly believe in our tried and tested approach and we are sure you will too when you see how your participants respond.

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Benefits of MTa Activities

Our experiential activities are presented in comprehensive manuals containing; facilitator guides, briefs, participants' worksheets (e and hard copy). Everything including all of the components is reusable so there are no additional costs.

The tasks are non-threatening and fun: they engage people from all walks of life. Learning is drawn directly from individuals' actions, so it is specific, relevant and personal.

Participants learn how to improve personal and team performance and job satisfaction by surprisingly small changes in attitudes and behaviour. The impact of appropriate change can be remarkable.

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Experiential Learning Activities and Training Materials. MTa Learning facilitate, design, publish and supply experiential learning materials, including team building activities, leadership exercises, problem solving activities and business games.

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