MINI Essentials: Essential Team Skills

MINI Essentials

MINI Essentials

The 4 MTa MINI Essentials activities introduce elements of working with others in a business context, including:

  • Team Skills
  • Planning and working together under pressure
  • Inter-team working
  • Customer focus
  • Helping each other to complete tasks
  • Reviewing process against objectives
The MINI Essentials contains 4 different facilitator guides. Click on the tabs to learn more.


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  • BlueIco 1 Time: 20 - 60 Minutes
  • BlueIco 2 Participants: 3-15
  • BlueIco 3 Level: Introductory

Handcuffed is a flexible 2-part activity which energizes whilst introducing and developing the core elements of team working. In Part 1 teams compete against each other, whereas in Part 2 the teams have to cooperate and communicate effectively to achieve their goals.

Part 1 can be used in isolation to 'break the ice' whilst introducing the importance of basic team skills (planning, co-operation etc.).

The Discussion Topics are:

  • Planning and working together under pressure
  • Awareness of others needs
  • Helping each other to complete their tasks
  • Achieving success through teamwork
  • Inter-team working
  • Careful and detailed planning.



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  • BlueIco 1 Time: 60 Minutes
  • BlueIco 2 Participants: 3 - 15
  • BlueIco 3 Level: Introductory

A competitive activity to help participants understand the importance of customer orientation, establishing and working to priorities, planning (and revising plans), estimating costs and working within a set time frame.

The Discussion Topics are:

  • Customer focus: identifying, understanding and meeting customer priorities
  • Planning
  • Working together
  • Reviewing progress against objectives
  • Changing plans (with agreement) as necessary.


Within Four Walls

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  • BlueIco 1 Time: 45 - 60 minutes
  • BlueIco 2 Participants: 6 - 15
  • BlueIco 3 Level: Intermediate

This activity is for people who need to set targets and plan in a competitive environment. The task is simple, but as new information is received groups need to reconsider earlier decisions: progress needs to be monitored, targets revised and plans changed with everyone's agreement as the task unfolds.

The Discussion Topics are:

  • Reviewing progress
  • Planning in a competitive environment
  • Setting and achieving realistic (stretching?) targets
  • Valuing new information and revising targets and plans appropriately
  • Understanding and focusing on priorities
  • Group decision making.



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  • BlueIco 1 Time: 60 Minutes
  • BlueIco 2 Participants: 6 - 12
  • BlueIco 3 Level: Intermediate

Helipads involve 2 or 3 competing teams. It is designed to demonstrate how effective team working within and between teams influences business success and highlight the key qualities that influence the process.

Team success is dependent of the value of the final product, but it addition to organising themselves, competing teams need to work together to ensure that they do not reduce the value of their products: the value of any helipad is reduced if two or more are produced to the same specification, but some specifications are more profitable than others.

The Discussion Topics are:

  • Understanding and achieving business success
  • Planning within and between teams
  • Making the most of market opportunities
  • Introduction to negotiating
  • Developing team skills
  • Taking personal responsibility and trusting others to do their job.

Technical Specification

The MTa MINI Essentials consists of

  • 3 trays of MTa MINI (tabletop) components

The MTa® guarantee:

  • All MTa MINI components are guaranteed for 7 years

Activity manual that includes

  • Facilitator guide
  • Encapsulated participants' briefs for 4 activities
  • Reusable review questionnaires
  • Learning transfer documentation


  • The MTa MINI is manufactured in Europe, to European quality standards
  • Manufactured from durable polypropylene

The MTa MINI Essentials components and manual can be bought as a single pack. Alternatively MTa MINI Crossing Boundaries manuals can be added to form the pack 'MTa MINI Combined'. (MTa MINI Essentials and MTa MINI Crossing Boundaries are based on the same components.)

Who uses MTa MINI Essentials?

  • Accenture
  • Direct Line Life
  • General Cable
  • Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force
  • Ocean Learning
  • Siemans
  • BBC Finance
  • Evolve
  • Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS
  • Premier People Solution
  • Tesco
  • Ciba Specialty Chemicals
  • Forlong
  • Ipsen Biopharm Ltd
  • NCP Ltd
  • Remploy
  • Vodafone Ltd

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Client: Christie Spurling, N-Gage

...They are fantastic resources.

We have used your kit for a long time now. We find small groups of challenging young people really learn new skills and develop everytime we use them. They are a fantastic resources

  • Did the materials deliver on your learning outcomes? Yes Yes Ico
  • Value for money? Yes Yes Ico
  • Would you recommend? Yes Yes Ico
Yes Ico

Client: Simon Owen, RAF High Wycombe Youth Activities Team

I would recommend MTa kit to anyone...

The RAF High Wycombe Youth Activities Team have used various types of MTa kit, at numerous schools and colleges, as part of our youth engagement visits. We use the kit with students of all ages, and we always have positive results, receiving positive feedback from both students and teachers. The students learn vital teamwork and communication skills from the activities, which are easy to deliver because of the comprehensive manuals that are provided with the kit.

I would recommend MTa kit to anyone who works with young people and wants to help them develop teamwork, communication and other important skills that will help them while at school and later in life.

  • Did the materials deliver on your learning outcomes? Yes Yes Ico
  • Value for money? Yes Yes Ico
  • Would you recommend? Yes Yes Ico
Yes Ico

Client: Silvia Linder, HSBC Bank Brazil S.A.

The activities are very fun...

We use the MTa in management training. The activities are very fun and can observe various behaviors necessary for the proper performance of our managers.

  • Did the materials deliver on your learning outcomes? Yes Yes Ico
  • Value for money? Yes Yes Ico
  • Would you recommend? Yes Yes Ico

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