Experiential Project Management Activities...

What's stopping your participants manage projects more effectively? Is it a lack of theoretical knowledge or do they struggle to apply the theory in complex project management roles? Experiential activities can help participants understand the fundamentals of project management and learn more about how their attitudes and approaches can help and hinder a project management team.

Two of our kits contain activities that are specifically designed to improve project management:

MTa MINI: Project Management Activities

MINI Crossing Boundaries

MTa MINI - Project Management Activities

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These 5 demanding activities develop the team working and leadership skills needed when working across functional, hierarchical, geographical and historical boundaries..

The activity 'The Rig' focuses on many aspects of Project Management. The aim is to make money by designing an assembling an 'oil rig'. There is a cost involved in everything but there's profit to be made. Co-ordinating efforts across three distinct locations often takes priority and the overall aim of making money can be forgotten!

Top 3 Project Management Topics:

  • Clarity and understanding of objectives
  • Managing change across locations
  • Dealing with multiple tasks and workstreams

MTa Insights: Project Management Activities


MTa Insights - Project Management Activities

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The MTa Insights activities, as their name implies, offer insights into most aspects of working effectively with, and leading, others in a project management environment.

  • Shorter activities introduce the basic concepts of project management
  • Maxi Market, a long activity from manual Leadership 3 pulls together the key elements.

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