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MTa's problem solving activities provide facilitators with everything they need to focus participants’ attention on what it is about their personal and team approach that helps and inhibits their ability to define and solve problems.

The kit we recommend for problem solving is:

MTa Insights: Problem Solving Activities


MTa Insights - develop leaders

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MTa Insights can be purchased with a dedicated problem solving manual, the 6 activities:

  • test and develop differing approaches (e.g. creative, structured) that enable individuals to tackle a range of problems
  • focus attention on the key qualities that influence success and consider when each is appropriate e.g. problem analysis, asking open questions, stretching boundaries, developing ideas, being logical
  • enable participants to identify and overcome some of the blockages that hinder their own performance.

How you can use MTa's problem solving activities to develop your people and teams?

Think back to when you've been part of a team was struggling to solve a problem. What was happening in the group? What behaviours do you remember that might have helped or hinder the group solve the problem?

How often do groups and individuals understand the fundamentals of problem solving but still fail to reach solutions? What is it that's stopping them?

Experiential problem solving activities can help individuals explore a wide range of the attitudes, approaches and behaviours that help and hinder problem solving. Discussion topics are likely to include:

  • Failing to fully understand the problem before seeking solutions
  • Seeing what you expect to see, not what is actually there
  • Not isolating the problem from insignificant surroundings
  • Not seeing the whole context
  • Fear of thinking the ‘unthinkable’ or taking a risk
  • Judging rather than generating ideas
  • Too much haste – wanting to find a quick solution
  • Tradition
MTa Insights problem solving activities
Planning and working to constraints activity

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