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MTa Experience Workshops

An interactive and energetic introduction to MTa’s experiential learning tools.

Join us to learn how you can use MTa’s experiential learning tools to transform your training. Our workshops are examples of experiential learning in action. They are a dynamic mixture of activities, thinking and discussions with minimal theoretical input. Gain hands on experience using MTa's training materials, and to discuss and develop your ideas with us and other L&D professionals.

See what you could do with MTa’s experiential learning tools

Experience MTa materials being used by the experts

Get hands of with MTa’s activities

Get Involved!

We run MTa Experience workshops throughout the UK, and MTa Masterclasses all around the world.

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Typical Workshop

Our timetable varies from workshop to workshop, but this gives you an idea of a typical day


Meet and Greet

Tea and Coffee tea served


Morning Session

We start with series of engaging and thought provoking activities giving you an appreciation of the principles and concepts behind our approach to experiential learning. Along the way we aim to share with you some of the knowledge and experience MTa have gained over the last 30 years. We will take you through our 'Learning Arena' reinforcing and demonstrate techniques that you can apply to develop your participants learning.




Afternoon Session

The afternoon agenda varies depending on the interests and needs of the participants. We often split into smaller groups to cover as many areas of interest as possible. We cover a number of topics including: Team skills, Team development, Leadership, Coaching skills, Problem solving, Communication, Assessment, Lean processing.


Sessions Closes

Time for for 1:1 discussion.

If you'd like more information before booking one of our Workshops please do call or e-mail.

  • You’ll experience MTa materials being used by the experts
  • You’ll see how you can deliver effective experiential learning in areas such as team skills and leadership.
  • You’ll learn how to make the most of your existing MTa materials.
  • You’ll meet like minded professionals who use, or are thinking of using MTa’s tools. You’ll have an opportunity to discuss ideas and share your experiences.
  • You’ll be able to "try before you buy" and find out if MTa materials are suitable for you and your organisation.

Anyone who wants to understand how they can use MTa materials to transform their training. We usually attract a healthy mix of L&D professionals, consultants, teachers and lecturers. You might be thinking about purchasing the materials or want to discover how to make the most of your kits.

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MTa Experience Workshop

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