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Free Experiential Learning Consultation

Free Experiential Learning Consultation

Looking for inspiration?

About to design a development programme? Want to refresh an existing workshop? Or preparing for a big consulting project?
Let us inspire you: Jamie and the MTa team have over 170 activities covering 470 different learning topics.

Let’s get started! If you’re new to experiential learning, we can provide the guidance you need to get going with confidence.

It’s a tricky one… The CEO has asked you to run a session with the board/ you’re working in a new sector/ or your business partner has asked you a run a session on something you know nothing about. We can help!

Time to refresh. Does your leadership programme need reinvigorating? Do you need a new induction to match your new company values? Have the secrets of your assessment centres been spread far and wide? We‘ve got some new ideas for you.
No obligation, no pressure, just a friendly voice to speak to and some helpful advice from experiential learning experts. MTa thrives on helping trainers and facilitators be successful, we’re more than happy to chat!

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