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What's the best way to help individuals and teams develop their communication skills? If, like us, you believe it's by engaging participants in thought provoking activities that demand, test, challenge and develop a wide range of communication skills then you'll find MTa kits useful.

Our activities can be used to encourage discussion on the fundamentals of communication but you'll also find that our activities are sophisticated enough to be used at surprisingly senior levels. We design our activities to focus on more than just the 'technicalities' of communication, you'll find participants questioning the attitudes, behaviours and approaches that underpin the way they communicate. 

The kits we recommend for developing communication skills are:

MTa Insights: Communication Skills Activities


MTa Insights - develop leaders

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The MTa Insights facilitators guide "Communication" provides you with 7 activities that give participants the opportunity to develop their verbal, pictorial and written communication skills.

Popular discussion topics include:

  • Effective listening
  • Sensitivity and social awareness
  • Clarity of language and expression

MTa Team KIT: Communication Activities

Team KIT

MTa Team KIT - Team Building Activites

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All the activities in the MTa Team KIT support the development of effective communication skills, but there are 3 longer activities that are focussed on specific aspects of effective communication. The activities are Digital Display, The Frame and The Trailer. The 10 Shorter Activities will enable you to introduce the fundamentals of effective communication.

The most popular communication topics from the MTa Team KIT are:

  • The fundamental principles of communication
  • Communicating between teams
  • Working with and understanding different styles of communication

MTa MINI: Communication Activities

MINI Crossing Boundaries

MTa MINI - Team Building Game

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3 of the MTa MINI Crossing Boundaries focus on different aspects of communications across physical boundaries. The Rig looks at issues within a single team with members working in different locations, whereas Transport and Carts and Horses look at aspects of communications between teams.

MTa MINI is a highly portable tool, ideal for those who travel by plane.

Top 3 communication topics in MTa MINI:

  • Intra-team communication
  • Communicating across departments and locations
  • Communicating effectively between inter-dependent teams

Why use an experiential approach to develop communication skills?

MTa's communication activities can be used in a wide variety of organisational and business contexts. Experiential learning is particularly well suited to helping teams and individuals improve their communication skills. Why?

Communication is a practical skill, understanding the theory behind effective communication can help but real improvements can only be made if participants are given an opportunity to put theory into action and apply their skills. In many case individuals have very different styles of communication and will benefit from very different messages.

Imagine an activity involving an individual who has a tendency to 'over talk' and a quiet, passive individual who is reluctant to express their views. By reflecting on the activity the two individuals are likely to develop opposite strategies for improvement, based on their personal style.

developing team communication within teams
MTa MINI Communication Training Games

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